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Are you looking to reach the right audience at the right time with less spending?
Promote your business with appvalue's innovative and cost effective mobile advertising service: video ads, full/half banner ads, and in-app product placements.

Why Us

appvalue's portfolio of apps, with a growing base of more than a million users, provides you with the right platform to promote your ecommerce site, products, and services to the right audience. Every day we grow our app user base by thousands as a result of our unique business relationships with leading national mobile and tablet brands such as Swipe Telecom, a national retail chain (name confidential), and third-party device distributors.

Your Advantage

Our widely popular and highly engaging apps are used by an audience who is internet savvy, spends more time online, and stays upto date on latest trends.Our portfolio of apps are serving xxxx impressions per day. By using appvalue to place your product or service right in front of the potential customer, you get the most out of your marketing spend. Our suite of advertising services helps you to attract the attention of the customer and increase conversion rates. appvalue ensures that you spend less to advertise your business as compared to other online advertising channels which are also less effective. We offer daily performance reports directly from Ad portal with complete details of requests, impressions and CTR. Our prices are affordable and better than any mobile ad platform.

We also provide you with consulting advice to optimize your marketing spend and advertising strategy when availing our services.

Our Offerings

Video ad - plays a full page short video ad (XX secs) at start of the app or at defined intervals.

Full banner ad - plays a full page ad at start of the app or at defined intervals.

Half banner ad - plays recurring ad within the app.

in-app product placement - Our apps provide synergies to certain e-commerce businesses such that their product or services can become part of our app content.